Do You Share The Same DNA With Us?.


“Here, you will find a fertile ground for learning. We truly believe that if you come through our doors with an open heart and attitude that’s prepared for change, you will find yourself growing to be greater and stronger, not just professionally but as a person as well”.

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Wong Sui Ting


The Syarikat Ong Difference

Syarikat Ong is in the business of people. Our core focus is the provision of exemplary corporate and taxation services, underscored by a deep commitment to the welfare and growth of the people in our organization, as well as the professional well-being of the companies and individuals under our administrative care.

As we help drive corporate excellence in financial reporting and company administration, we are also dedicated to the betterment of the industry of corporate service providers.

We believe that great services to our clients can only be achieved when staff believe that they have been equipped to make change possible. How do we make time to train our staff when we attend to thousands of clients, you may ask? Well, the short answer is: if you care enough, you will find a way.

Syarikat Ong is a company with an internal set of core values which paves the way to developing and retaining the staff we want. All staff appraisals are weighed against these core values, which include levels for work commitment, self-development through training, involvement in internal study groups, and participation in our company’s corporate social responsibility programme, TOKEN.