About Us

Being Us Is All AboutBringing Out The Best Of You.

Founded in 1974, Syarikat Ong is one of the leading Corporate and Tax Consultancy Firms in Malaysia, with established and up-to-date services in the areas of corporate governance and advisory, tax consultancy and compliance, business advisory and outsourcing.

Through our services, our clients have the perfect foundation to sprint forward in their respective growth stage, and be the best in their respective industries.

Empowered by our company ethos,

Client, Our Priority

we go beyond the cookie cutter mould of one-size-fits-all. We service every single client as rightly unique, by first understanding their own distinctive goals, priorities and growth stage, and then coming up with tailored solutions to help them scale greater heights they pursue.

Be it radical SMEs with a thirst for adventure and disruption, or generational businesses looking to stay relevant in a brave new world, we speak our clients’ language and work together to lay out the blueprint for their successes, which in turn, define ours.

syarikat ong tax consultancy firm company ethos

Agnes Wong

Managing Partner

Our Story

As Seen Through The Eyes Of Our Managing Partner

‘Heart’ and ‘Accounting’ usually don’t fit in the same sentence, but at Syarikat Ong, ‘Heart’ is as important as making the numbers balance. ‘Heart’ makes us endure long hours to get things perfectly right. ‘Heart’ dictates how we present ourselves and represent our clients. And ‘Heart’ is what inspired our company mantra since 2021, “Client, Our Priority” as we put the same heart and passion you do into driving your business further.

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