Our suite of services

We are committed to offer comprehensive service offerings for both unlisted public companies and private limited companies.


Shareholder Relations Services

We offer comprehensive solutions to Unlisted Public Companies and Private Limited Companies for all shares registration and related corporate issues. We assist in maintaining statutory registers of shareholders and members, implementing corporate actions, disclosures and corporate governance compliance.


Investors Services

Covers the full scope of share registration support services for companies such as:

  • Maintaining the register of members and/or shareholders
  • Dispatching notices and annual reports
  • Capital reduction, capital increment and share transfer exercise
  • Execution of corporate exercises including the processing of dividends and interest, rights issue, share splits and share swap.
  • Redemption and conversion of preference share.
  • Processing of deposits and filing in accordance with statutory and authorities' requirements
  • Liaison with administrators and regulators in relation to corporate exercises