Each year as 30th April approaches, I find myself reflecting on a cherished tradition that was very dear to my late father-in-law, Mr. Ong Hang, the founder of Syarikat Ong. This day, on the eve of Labour Day, was set aside by him to express heartfelt gratitude and recognition towards our staff.

The Heart of Progress

My father-in-law was known for his strict standards in employee commitment and client servicing, which is incorporated in our motto, “Client, Our Priority.” He held a profound respect for our team’s hard work and dedication. 30th April was the day he dedicated each year to celebrate and show appreciation for our employees’ collective efforts. This annual dinner was a reflection of Labour Day’s original spirit, recognising the contributions that employees have made to any success and sustainability.

Over time, this tradition on 30th April has given way to practical realities, such as employee availability and workload, leading us to shift our annual gatherings to the end of the year. While we no longer celebrate on this specific date, the ethos behind my father-in-law’s tradition remains a core aspect of our culture at Syarikat Ong.

syarikat ong tradition

Honouring the Past, Inspiring the Future

This year, as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Syarikat Ong’s establishment, we are reminded of all those who have been a part of our story. As we evolve, the principles laid down by my father-in-law guide us to appreciate each other’s contributions continually.
Here’s to embracing our past and inspiring our future, maintaining the spirit of genuine appreciation in every facet of our work.

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