What We Do Best

  • Corporate ServicesOpen or Close

    Corporate Services are our way of helping companies, directors and management teams to comply with their statutory obligations by ensuring all corporate legislation procedures and processes, reporting, disclosure and compliance are professionally administered.

    1) Corporate Secretarial Services

    The full range of services cover:
    1. Incorporation of associations, societies, foundations, companies, limited liability partnership and branch registration.
    2. Company name search and information searches
    3. Maintenance of statutory records
    4. Preparing and filing of annual statutory returns
    5. Company closure procedures including voluntary winding-up and striking-off of companies with relevant authorities
    6. Provision of a registered office facility
    7. Representation at and preparation of minutes of board and general meetings
    8. Assisting foreign companies to comply with their obligations when they establish in Malaysia

    2) Corporate Advisory Services

    Ensures that clients are well advised and up-to-date on all corporate practices and issues relevant to the successful operation of their businesses, including:
    1. Guidance on corporate governance
    2. Updating constitution
    3. Communication with shareholders and regulators; and assisting in corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisition exercises

    3) Corporate Registration

    Covers the full scope of share registration support services for companies such as:
    1. Maintaining the register of members and/or shareholders
    2. Processing of deposits in accordance with statutory and authorities requirements
    3. Execution of corporate exercises including the processing of dividends and interest, share splits and exchanges, and bonus shares
    4. Dispatching notices and annual reports
    5. Liaison with administrators and regulators in relation to the corporate exercise
    6. Serving as registrars at meeting, verifying voting rights and procedures
  • Tax ServicesOpen or Close

    1) Corporate Tax Services

    Corporate Tax Services includes:
    1. Tax planning, advisory and consultancy services in relation to income tax, Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT)(where applicable) and tax incentives
    2. Tax compliance services including preparation and submission of income tax for taxpayers
    3. Application for tax incentives
    4. Tax appeal to Special Commissioner of Income Tax
    5. Tax audit and investigation
    6. Assisting in obtaining tax clearance for company and individual

    2) Indirect Tax Services

    Indirect Tax Services includes:
    1. GST impact studies
    2. GST planning and advisory
    3. GST application and compliance
    4. Application for stamp duty exemption
    5. Application and termination for service tax license
  • Accounting and Payroll OutsourcingOpen or Close
    Enables clients to focus on building their businesses. Our full scope of services includes:
    1. Advice and assistance in creating a system of regular management accounts, including advice on selecting accounting software and review of bookkeeping procedures
    2. Creation of specialized financial reports and analysis
    3. General bookkeeping, preparation of regular financial reports and annual financial statements, special assignments in accounts analysis
    4. Payroll services, administrative and processing service for Inland Revenue, SOCSO and EPF payments and returns.
    5. Other accounting related exercises