The People Who Trust Us aka Client Profile

Over 600 Malaysian companies have entrusted their business to Syarikat Ong. We have worked with companies ranging from emerging SMEs, public listed companies, to international corporate entities. We have nurtured and advised companies from their infancy as small start-ups to their maturity as large sized trading bodies. We are particularly proud of the fact that we have never made a distinction between the size of the client and our response time.

We honour the aspirations of every business owner, and we ensure that there is no partiality in the speed, efficiency and integrity of the services we render, be it to sole-proprietors, partnerships, companies, firms, small and medium-sized enterprises or public listed companies. We are even consulted by a few high net-worth individuals who value our take on the way business is done in Malaysia.

The nature of our clients’ businesses range from information technology, consultancy services, event management, publishers, healthcare services, construction, complex management, education, food and beverage, investments, leasing and hire-purchase, manufacturing, multi-level marketing, plantations, property development, retail, telecommunications, trading, printing and the travel industry. We place special emphasis on advising non-profit organizations, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, knowing the need for good governance and complete accountability.